Caring For Your Rug


Regular weekly vacuuming will help to maintain the life of your rug.

Dirt causes premature wear and regular vacuuming helps prevent dirt on the surface from getting down into the pile where it can accumulate and cause increased wear.

Only use a vacuum equipped with a plain nozzle. Never use a power brush or rotating brush attachment on a rug with loop pile construction or containing silk, viscose or bamboo yarn. Powered brushes in the vacuum head do a good job on machine made carpeting, but if used on a handmade rug they may shred the top layer of the pile.

Loose fibres

It is a common occurrence for a new rug to shed small fibres during the first few months of use. These often appear as fluff on the surface or in your vacuum cleaner and are caused by loose fibre residue remaining from the manufacturing process.

Sprouting can occur if the loops or tufts are pulled by sharp objects. This can be easily rectified by trimming the end level with the surface (or top) of the pile using a pair of sharp scissors.

NEVER PULL OUT long or loose ends as this will cause permanent damage.

Spot Cleaning

Clean spills immediately as most stains can be prevented by acting quickly when spills occur.

DO NOT RUB OR SCRUB YOUR RUG as this can cause permanent pile distortion.

Wools of New Zealand publish an excellent care and maintenance guide online at

Professional Cleaning

Professional rug cleaning requires skills and expertise that can only be obtained through formal training. Look for a qualification, as untrained operators may not have full knowledge of the equipment and chemicals that they use.

We do not recommend DIY steam cleaning, shampooing or dry cleaning.

Protective Measures

To maintain the overall appearance of your rug you should change its position from time to time so that no one part is subjected to excessive use.

Protective mats are very useful in front of chairs, as the continual grinding of shoes can accelerate wear in these areas. This wear is usually most prevalent in front of chairs used for TV viewing, computer use and under tables.

Move heavy furniture occasionally to avoid excessive pile crushing. Put coasters intended for use with carpet under the legs of tables, chairs, and other furniture to help distribute the weight and prevent crushing the pile.

Do not use chairs with wheels or casters on a rug without a protective pad as the wheels can cause permanent pile damage. Prevent pile damage when moving heavy wheeled furniture by placing a protective barrier of cardboard or similar material between the wheels and the rug.

Avoid installing your rug in areas that receive direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time. You can limit the impact of sunlight by covering windows with curtains or blinds and by periodically rotating the rug to expose all areas evenly.

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