Marking Time


Marking Time

Climate change, deforestation and land degradation are just a few of the environmental challenges we are facing. Despite the view that too many people think this is fake news or bad science, the reality is clear if we choose to see it. The world is getting warmer. The weather is becoming more chaotic, floods and forest fires are increasing in intensity. Many native animals and plants are becoming extinct.

As Michael P. Lynch is a professor of philosophy at the University of Connecticut writes in his recent New York Times article, “Even if we continue to bury our heads in the sand or put our fingers in our ears, the planet’s climate has altered. And those changes will eventually burst our bubbles whether we like it or not.”

Print size: 75 x 75cm. Limited edition of 5.

Printed in Melbourne Australia on 310gsm acid free fine art paper using archival pigmented inks. Each print is titled and signed by the artist and includes a certificate of authenticity outlining the edition number. 

Packaged unframed. Free delivery worldwide.